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Ghost line

"Ghost Line" was written towards the end of the sessions for the first album but was not considered for it, as the tracklist had been firmly established by then. Neither did it feel like it fitted the direction I wanted to go on the second album (to be released next year) so the decision was made to release it as a standalone single.

It marks a double first for Glass Island - it's the project's first instrumental track as well as the first ever track published to feature myself playing the bass guitar.




Written, arranged and performed by Wojciech Pielużek.
Produced by Krzysztof Witos and Wojciech Pielużek.
Engineered and mixed by Krzysztof Witos.
Recorded in January and August 2021.
Photoghraphy by Anthony Macajone and Anete Lusina.
Cover design by WP.

Listen to or dowload Ghost Line at Bandcamp.