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Glass Island is a Polish progressive rock project led by the songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and singer Wojciech Pielużek. Work on the debut album started in December 2019 but was subsequently suspended by the Covid-19 pandemic. At that time the first three completed tracks came out on the Secular EP (May 2020, Bandcamp), followed by the full self-titled album in October 2021.

Between 2003 and 2006, Wojciech Pielużek fronted the band Lavender, who performed alongside such acts as Riverside, RPWL or Quidam. Despite recording several demos, the group never released a proper record. Since then Pielużek has dabbled in music on an irregular basis, for example with the project Strange Moments.


The Glass Island album also features contributions from the bass player Krzysztof Tułecki (Digital Angel, ex-Lavender) and producer/engineer Krzysztof “Alvaro” Witos (Digital Angel, Grupa Wsparcia).

The second Glass Island album - The Damage Report - came out in October 2022. This time performed entirely by Pielużek but once again co-produced by Witos, the album expands on the musical ideas of the debut, providing a more coheasive whole while also more bravely exploring the musical extremes - from the most minimalistinc ambient textures, all the way to heavy metal riffs.